Prickly Pears Muslin Drawstring Bags

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These 100% cotton muslin drawstring bags can be used for almost anything, but we have created these convenient ready-to-use bags with the kitchen in mind. Muslin is more commonly used for straining and filtering in the kitchen, but you might be surprised at the endless list of weird and wonderful uses that muslin has to offer.

 Some common uses for muslin in the kitchen:

  • Straining liquids to filter out any impurities
  • Make your own tea bags 
  • Use as to hold your bouquet garni or fill with herbs and aromatics for stocks, soups or sauces
  • Making cheese or labna
  • Hanging cooked fruit to separate out liquid, essential for creating quince or apple jellies or marmalades
  • Filtering aged wines or port for decanting or removing any sediment
  • Making pannacotta
  • Soak muslin in butter and cover turkey or chicken breasts while roasting to keep them moist
  • Muslin cloth is essential when creating your own tofu from soy beans
  • Wrap lemon or lime halves in muslin and place in the centre of the table for easy squeezing without pips or pulp
The drawstring bags are available in 2 convenient sizes, small (8x10cm) and large (20x25cm). They have been designed, printed and handmade locally in South Africa. 

The fabric is printed using eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks on natural fibre textiles. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process. Washing instructions: Hand or machine wash cool and gentle. 

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